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A New Yeast for Better Brewing

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A Novel Tool for Better Brewing

A yeast that can make a sour beer in three weeks, without bacteria. A yeast that produces alcohol, lactic acids, and beautiful flavors. A non-GMO yeast.

A yeast born from wasps.

A yeast unlike any other.


The Yeast

We license strains of a new, natural yeast species that makes valuable new brewing flavors: a beer that tastes like honey, a sour beer in three weeks without bacteria, a beer with no off-flavors, a beer with improved mouthfeel, a deliciously tart cider...all with a tame yeast. This is a non-Brettanomyces, non-Saccharomyces yeast unlike any other. 


About US

The principals of the company are co-inventers of this technology and bring with them more than twenty years of professional industry brewing experience. We have done extensive research on these strains as academic scientists, yeast wranglers, and brewers. We can provide recipes for suggested flavor profiles and offer high quality propagation services. 


The ADventure

This yeast was born from wasps. It was hiding for millennia in stinging insects, only to be discovered by a group of researchers at North Carolina State University. Each strain comes with its own adventure story. Learn about how this yeast went from "Wasp Beers," traveled from World Beer Festivals to the TEDx stage, and finally to commercial production. 



"People Love it, it has a very nice tartness" -Deep River Brewing


The story of this Yeast is the STory of Wasp Beer, as referenced by the media below: