Our Yeasts

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Revolutionary Science for Fermentation

Our Technology

Lachancea LLC licenses the use of a natural yeast species for producing high-quality fermented beverages. This species can make valuable beer flavors, including sour beers... with just one strain of yeast....and no bacteria.... In record time. It can produce ciders, beers, and distilled beverages with lovely aromas and improved mouthfeel.

Unique attributes of this yeast species:

  • Makes a monoculture sour beer without additional microorganisms

  • Ferments a sour beer in ~two weeks

  • Produces low and high alcohol beers with improved mouthfeel

  • Creates highly desirable and expensive flavors in beer and cider, such as honey and fruity notes

  • Generates sour and non-sour beers without off-flavors

  • and so much more...

In a growing craft beer market, these yeast offer new, valuable flavors in less time. These yeast are novel. These yeast are natural. These yeast will revolutionize fermented beverages.

A monoculture sour beer in record time.

These yeasts are available for immediate exclusive and non-exclusive licensing. Lachancea LLC is the only source of licenses for this species of yeast for non-grape fermented beverages.

These yeast were born from wasps. Read more about our story, and the story of Wasp Beer as mentioned on the TED and TEDx stage and by various news organizations.