These YeastS, Other Beers


Where can you find Beers made with these yeast?

Deep River Brewing. Cary, NC

Try the Limonchello, Sour IPA, or Golden Sour Ale.

Gizmo Brew Works. Raleigh, NC

Try the Wild Wasp IPA, or the Wild Honey Wheat Ale.

Nicklepoint Brewing. Raleigh, NC

Try the Wild Siren Sour Ale.

North Carolina State Brewery Lab. Raleigh, NC

Try the fruit lambic style Caipirinha, the golden ale style Bumble Beer, the sour ale style Red Bumble Sour, the lambic style Sour Wasp, or the traditional Lambic Style or Sour Bee

and more each day....

These Breweries all have licenses to use our yeast to make their own beers.